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Sankt Anton • Tirol • Austria

M          I         R          T         E             W          A         S             H         E          R         E

47°05’59.2″N 10°17’18.6″E

Why was Mirte here?
By being enthusiastic you see places. And so I went to Sankt Anton –  for this one day mission in order to write an article about it for two different magazines.


In world famous Sankt Anton lies a very special way up high to ride down by snowboard or ski. All you need to do is climb on a sharp ridge above a deep cliff and follow and iron cord which gets stuck in your equipment 24/7.

The ‘Klettersteig‘ in Sankt Anton would be a lot easier in summer. But no-o-o, you can only do it in winter. When you are already weighing five kilo extra because of your triple layered clothes (because that’s what outdoor specialists do), on top of that really want to bring your camera equipment (with three lenses) and avalanche airbag (because safety first) it’s kind of a challenge to balance on a ten centimeter wide ridge. But…it’s worth it. Actually, it’s awesome.

The guide started his climb as if he were the fittest mountain goat of Tyrol. There were we we moving like robots, he didn’t really seem to feel the difference between high narrow mountain rigdes and flat wide concrete roads. But I have to say, after ten minutes I felt way more confident already. Good timing, because the view started to be very interesting too. You only need hunderd meter to arrive in a Valhalla of pretty views…and we felt we were the only ones on this planet.

Finally standing on some sort of stable safe spot, I managed to grab my heavy camera. Only a few clicks away from sharing this postcard landscape with you, I forgot to be attached at the iron line that keeps you…let’s say…safe. Half hanging, with my board stuck behind the line, my jacket lifted up in front of my eyes and no way to free myself, I managed to produce a small ‘Help!?’ towards my friends. I guess that is the moment where you realise that you should always pay attention all climbing and balancing in the mountains.

You can probably imagine that the run down, after almost three hours (due the amount of pictures we took) was very well appreciated. Snow conditions were not that great, a bit icy and all, but hey…we had climbed towards this face with blood, sweat and tears! So nothing could take this run away from us anymore.

Camera button pressed by @mirtewashere or marked otherwise.


Well, basically anywhere…Just look & book!

The ‘Klettersteig’ is really not that difficult. It depends a bit on the circumstances. When there is a lot of fresh snow, you can imagine that the clim is a bit more complicated. And when you take a lot of heavy equipent – like we did – than you have to make sure you are in good shape. Normally the way up takes you around two hours. The climb up and run down should not be done without a certified mountainguide. Just to let you know…