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Haute Route Pyrenees • Aragon • Spain

M          I         R          T         E             W          A         S             H         E          R         E

42°37’36.1″N 0°41’52.8″E

Why was Mirte here?
Friends, tents and hiking boots. Do I need to say more?

From lake to lake

In one year time we kept coming back to the Pyrenees. Soon we hope to make it our home, but before that we needed to know what’s in our back yard. And I can tell you…it’s amazing.

To be honest with you, I can’t explain how the HRP, or Haute Route Pyrenees, lead us exactly. We had maps, we knew where we were going at the time, but now, a few weeks after it’s all gone and I have filled my head up with the memories of beautiful mountain landscapes and full moon nights. The route is heavy, don’t miscalculate that. Most of the hikers will sleep in the refugio’s, but though life, we took our super light weight tents. However the rules for wild camping are pretty much easy going, it’s very important that you take care of your surroundings while doing it. It’s the best thing in the world: wild camping in the mountains. But seriously, take some organic toothpaste with you, every detail is important.

We put up our tents after six till eight hours of hiking. There were days where it was easy, two fingers in the nose while carrying 19,5 kg. But some parts of the tour were a bit more extreme and putting our tent felt like entering a five-star hotel. When you bring food for seven days, there is not much left for a spontaneous apéro. Still, putting up your feet on a rock, seeing the sun set down and swim in the lake with the last rays of light is pretty epic. Skipping a nice cold beer or fresh soda is maybe your biggest problem in these kinds of moments, isn’t that peaceful? It doesn’t happen a lot, but my head was empty. No worries, no pressure, just the mountain.

Lake after lake we were more surprised by the beauty of this part of the Pyrenees. Aragon is almost unreal. Tourism doesn’t go this high up that much and when you do meet people they are mostly very athletic (meaning: fast) and keen on leaving you in peace. Just one thing: don’t go to Pic Aneto. The highest mountain of the range and Spain is seriously a hell. At 04:00 in the morning the first bus arrives. Fully geared up Chamonix style they start hiking with head torches lighting up the mountain. The mountain is ugly, boring and busy. Stay away from it and walk around it, you will be alone and the colours of nature are way more satisfying. I can go on for hours about this trip, but you know what? Just go see for yourself and put this place on your bucket list. Use Google and search for Haute Route Pyrenees, mountain love guaranteed.


Camera button pressed by @mirtewashere.